Australian labradoodle breeder since 2019

Vennligst merk at siden er også på norsk. Knappen finner du øverst til høyre. 

Solbakken was established in July 2019. We are registered with the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA), which means we are subject to strict rules when it comes to breeding. We will practice and breed according to WALA's rules and regulations, and we will comply with the ethical guidelines.

Here at Solbakken we breed labradoodles for their great temperament first and foremost, and we place the greatest emphasis on this when choosing dogs that will carry the breed forward. Health is equally important, and as a member of WALA, we are required to perform comprehensive health testing of all dogs that are considered breeding prospects. No dogs can be bred until testing has been completed. After these two aspects come appearances, and this applies to fur type before color, because the fur type is a "hallmark" in terms of allergy friendliness. This soft, beautiful wool/fleece fur can be a saving grace for those families who want a dog but have one, or more persons with allergies in the house.

Labradoodles are, as is known, not approved by the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK), but we breed our labradoodles with the same goal in mind as NKK;

The goal of the dog breed is functionally healthy dogs, with a breed typical conformation and mentality, which can live a long and healthy life for the enjoyment of themselves, their owners and society.

The fact that you are here, reading this website probably means that you have decided to acquire a dog, or you are at least considering it. You are also thinking that an Australian labradoodle (ALD) is the breed for you.

You've probably spent a lot of time reading about different dog breeds and know what a labradoodle requires, both of grooming and exercise, but you've come to the decision that everything the labradoodle can offer of cuddles, love and fun outweighs all the requirements for care.

Here is WALA's informative video reg. ALD

So now comes the big choice. 

Have you thought about how important it is to choose the right breeder? To be successful with your puppy, choosing a breeder is your first and most important step now that you know you want to get an ALD.

Most people would think, "now I just have to choose the puppy I want", but it's actually the breeder you should be concerned with choosing, and not the puppy.

In addition to being registered with a breed club and following rules and regulations for respectful and ethical breeding, any serious dog breeder will choose the puppy that suits you and your family best. He/she will do this for any and all clients who reserve a puppy. The reason is that the breeder knows the puppies and knows what personality and temperament each of the puppies has. The breeder has spent every day with them for close to eight weeks, and has seen the puppies develop both physically and mentally.

The breeder also knows your wishes/needs when it comes to the puppy you envision and what you will be using it for; e.g. trip buddy, therapy, agility, or maybe just to cuddle. The breeder knows which dog will be able to best cope with the tasks you are going to present the puppy with, and choosing the right puppy for you means both you and the puppy will be happy and thrive.

Here at Solbakken it is extremely important for us that both you and our puppies are satisfied, so that the relationship will be a success. We would hate to see you go home with the "wrong" puppy, only to be calling us in a couple of months to say, "We made a mistake, this is not the dog for us" or perhaps even thinking "we can't handle a dog, we are not good dog parents." Thinking that you are not suited for a dog at all, only because you got a dog that didn't fit your needs and wants and thus couldn't appreciate the dog because the dog couldn't deal with the tasks set before it.

Therefore here at Solbakken we temperament test all our puppies around day 52 of age and evaluate which puppy will suit you specifically, and we allocate puppies accordingly. This is the best recipe for success with your new family member. This is giving both the puppy and you the best start, setting a solid foundation for a long and loving life together.

Please note, we only sell dogs as pets. We do not, at this time sell breeding animals. 


We are proud partners of Baxter & Bella, a wonderfully educational online puppyschool.