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Cute little snugglebugs

Is there anything better?

Our first litter; from Penny Lane and Arctic Pepper, was a wonderful little group of 5 boys and one girl. There were 5 black and one brown pup.

First off, let it be clear, there are no guarantees when it comes to breeding! There is no guarantee as to how many puppies will be born, or what sex, color or coat type they will have, let alone whether or not the bitch even becomes pregnant after a mating. So, the more open you are to both color and gender, the easier it will be to get you your puppy sooner, but in the end, we match your puppy to you and your family/lifestyle after a temperament evaluation.

Just like humans, dogs are individuals, with unique personalities, and we wish to give our puppies the best foundation to be happy, balanced pups with the opportunity to grow into wonderful examples of a great and lovable breed. Therefore it is important that we know as much as possible about you, so we can determine the puppy best suited for you and your lifestyle.

What if we had let you pick and choose and sent you home with a cute little laid back and calm dog when you were hoping to get a running mate? Or perhaps you enjoy to go hiking in the woods, or take long ski trips in the winter, and you look forward to having your dog with you, and you chose the laziest, most laid back dog in the litter, because you fell for his looks. Neither the dog, nor you would be happy in this situation. Picture coming home with a cute and adorable little puppy whom you love to sit in the sofa and snuggle with, but the puppy is hyper and active and wanting to play often. Perhaps you are part of a large, noisy family, with lots of get-togethers and the puppy you chose is reserved and prefers a quiet life. Such cases would show a job poorly done on our behave, and therefore we feel it is very important that you and the dog "fit" one another.

Labradoodles can easily be trained as service/therapy dogs. They can assist epileptics, diabetics, or others with a need for a "working" dog. It is important that we know of your need for a "working" dog that you plan to train with a professional, so we can find the best dog for the job.

In addition to finding the dog that fits you and your family best, we are here, throughout the life of the dog, to support and guide you should you need it.

Once we have accepted you as an "adoptive" family and sent you an email informing you of this, we will require a non-refundable 5,000 NOK reservation fee. This fee is to show that you are serious about obtaining a puppy and you will then be put on the reservation list. Please do not send us any money before this. This sum is deducted from the purchase sum of 30,000 NOK. 

Should we, contrary to expectation, not be able to provide you a puppy within 18 months of the first litter you are in line for, then we will return your fee if you should choose to remove yourself from the list. Although, if we have, within that same timeline, offered you a puppy 3 times, and you have not accepted any of those puppies, your money is non-refundable, but you are welcome to continue to stay on the waiting list if you still choose to.

Buying a puppy from Solbakken offers much more than just a puppy. Our puppies are the results of kind, lovable and healthy parents. Our breeding dogs are all tested and found free of illnesses and diseases that often affect the breed, so you have a good guarantee of a healthy puppy, and you get a 2 year health guarantee per contract. We also add you to our puppy owner facebook group. Here you can interact with us, and others who have a puppy from Solbakken. You can share experiences and adventures, make arrangements to meet up with others nearby you for a play date, and at the same time we can stay in touch and see the puppy grow and evolve.

As a Solbakken puppy parent you must be willing to ;

  • participate in a minimum of a basic puppy obedience class
  • give the puppy all its vaccines and offer veterinary assist when necessary
  • feed a high quality diet
  • keep your dog indoors (the dog is not to be kept outdoors in a kennel on a consistent basis)
  • return the dog to Solbakken or request assistance in re-homing should your situation change and you not be able to keep the dog any longer
  • protect the dog against breeding, both intended or accidental

Should you still have questions, please contact us via our contact form.

We reserve the right to retain breeding prospects in every litter.