Our application process is now open and per 31/10 we still have a few available puppies!

If you are interested in a puppy from Solbakken please fill out and send in an application.

Once we have a planned litter we will require a non refundable reservation fee of 5,000 NOK from the first 4 on our list. Should there be more than 4 puppies, we will go down our waiting list and offer a puppy to those waiting.

Penny and Romeo are expecting puppies the first week of Nov. and these pups will be ready for their furever homes within the second weekend of Jan. 2023. They will be brown, black or phantom, with or without white markings and medium in size.

Reserved pups from Penny x Romeo

nr. 1    taken                nr. 2         taken                nr. 3                                 nr. 4

waiting list

nr. 1                                                             nr. 2

Fibi and Romeo are also expecting at the same time. Thses puppies will be cream/caramel or red with or without white makings, and will be mini to small medium in size.

Reserved list for Fibi x Romeo pups

nr. 1     taken         nr. 2       taken                 nr. 3                            nr. 4

waiting list

nr. 1                                                        nr. 2