Future puppies

Once we have a planned litter we will require a non refundable reservations fee of 3,000 NOK from the first 4 on our list. Should there be more than 4 puppies, we will go down our waiting list and offer a puppy to those waiting.

Our next mating is Penny and Sullie, a handsome tricolor stud from the USA. He has lines quite different from Penny, and is a medium ALD. He is a colm and relaxed boy, similar in size to Penny, so we expect all dogs to end at about 40 - 45 cm shoulder height and 15 - 18 kg. Colors can be cream, brown, or brown tricolor. We are very excited.

reserverte plasser Penny x Sullie valper                    venteplasser Penny x Sullie valper

nr. 1 opptatt              nr. 3 opptatt                                   nr. 5 opptatt

nr. 2 opptatt             nr. 4 opptatt                                   nr. 6 opptatt