A guardian home is a "family" that takes on the responsibility for one of our breeding dogs.

A guardian pays a reduced fee for the dog, because the dog remains the property of Solbakken until it is retired from breeding.  The guardian will have the full responsibility for the dog, and it's needs, with exception of breeding expenses.  When the dog is retired, ownership is transferred to the guardian.  When a dog is retired varies, but no later then age seven for bitches.  A stud can potentially be used longer, but it usually is based on number of times he is bred, which is normally 10 times. We try to breed our guardian animals sooner then later, so that guardians are not "tied up" for too many years.

As a guardian you will also stand first in line, after Solbakken for a puppy from your guardian dogs future litters, should you choose to take on another puppy.  This could be a pet you wish to purchase, or a second guardian you wish to acquire.

To be considered as a guardian, you must live within a 2 hour radius of Solbakken.  We are located in Søgne just near the border of Mandal.  You must also be located there "for life", ie; this must be your permenant home, knowing that you don't suddenly up-root and move to Troms f.ex. in a year or two.  You must be willing to train the dog under the guidance of a professional trainer and must keep the dog groomed at all times so it is always representable to potential customers.

If this sounds like something for you, contact us, please.  Apply through our "puppy application"  marking off at the end that you wish to be considered as a guardian. Under "addition" info, please let us know why you think you would be suited for this and why you would like to be a guardian.