Our dogs come from several countries, and from some of the best kennels that have wonderful dogs. We have dogs from the UK, Norway, Denamrk and the Netherlands. In addition we are bringing in lines from the USA via insemination. This is done to gain a greater variation and develop new lines here in Norway. Our main focus is temperament, but new lines, expanded gen pool/variety and good health are all important factors in responsible dog breeding.

Why choose Solbakken Kennel?

Why choose a puppy from Solbakken over other breeders?

We are a serious breeder, belonging to WALA, and follow ethical guidelines and other rules for the breeding of ALD. As our vision states, we are committed to breeding the creme-de-la-creme of this breed.

What does that mean to you? It means you get a puppy that we stand behind 100%. Our puppies are born in our house and grow up in the living room, so that they get used to people, and the usual events and noises of the day. We have a separate outdoor play park for the puppies where they can safely be outside and explore when they are big enough. Here there is both car traffic, people, dogs, cyclists and horses that pass constantly and the puppies are accustomed to these sounds and sights as well. In other words, the puppies are well on their way of socializing when you bring them home.

We raise our puppies on the positive reinforcement consept, via Baxter & Bella online puppy school. Our pups have started potty- and crate- training, and have been introduced to basic puppy training such as; "recall", "sit", "come", and "heel". We have partnered with Baxter & Bella and can therfore offer our puppy buyers a good discount on a lifetime membership in B&B's online puppy training school.

You'll also get a two-year health guarantee for your puppy. This is a requirement of WALA, but because we breed only the best dogs in terms of health, it costs us nothing to guarantee a puppy for two years. Your puppy will have been worm treated 3 times, vaccinated, and been examined by a veterinarian, and you will receive a medical certificate.

Your puppy will also be microchipped, but it's your responsibility to update PetID about having taken ownership of the puppy, and supply them with the correct owner's name and address. The puppy will also be registered in WALA and will receive a certificate.

When you pick up your puppy you will get a "stinky rag" which is a piece of blanket with the smell of mom and siblings on it. Coupons from Musti, along with a toy and some dog food that the puppy is used to, all in a canvas bag from Solbakken.

Lastly, you get us. We here at Solbakken will be here for you for the life of your pet to answer questions, give advise and help as far as we can.