Dogs to the delight of the vast majority

This is what we aim to achieve

Our philosophy

We want to breed the "crème de la crème" of Australian Labradoodles (ALD). We will achieve this by choosing only the best and most beautiful breeding dogs, with lines way back that contain good temperament, good health, and fine fur quality.

At the same time, we will introduce breeding prospects from different countries to achieve our very own line of ALD, diversity in the lines, and avoid too much inbreeding.

Our passion

is to be able to offer our dogs a good life with lots of love, snuggles and cuddles from the very start.

But we are equally passionate about offering these beautiful, loving, cuddly family dogs to all of you.

To those of you who have allergies or need a service or therapy dog. To you who want a new family member who can be everyone's best friend, who is loyal from day one and who will love you no matter what. To those of you who want a walking-buddy or perhaps a walking-motivator.


We are a middle-aged couple living in the countryside in Norway's beautiful "Southland". We've both had several dogs over the years, but Penny is our first labradoodle.

I, Irene am the driving force behind the kennel, with good help and support from Jan.

I am a trained midwife, and I have newly established an offer for women who want a home birth here in Southern Norway, in addition to my position at the hospital.

Jan is a skipper for Bragdøya Kystlag, and transports people to and from Bragdøya. A beautiful island and outdoor area outside Kristiansand. His boat has a special emphasis on kindergartens in the local community that use the island as their outdoor learning space.

I have had several Labrador retrievers and fell in love with this breed when I got my first big black labrador named Miller. I have allergies myself and when I heard about labradoodles and their allergy friendliness and minimal shedding, I was sold, because shedding is something the labrador does overwhelmingly well. I knew I was going to want to breed labradoodles in the future, and started making a plan. I read up on the different labradoodle varieties, yes, there are actually different labradoodles, and concluded that the Australian labradoodle (ALD) was the one I valued the most and would breed further.

We're both nature-happy people. We like walking in the woods and fields, running and cycling. In addition, we like the ocean life, with fishing, and swimming, and in winter there are of course ski trips to be had.

We're both creative people who like to make things. I enjoy knitting, painting, and gardening, while Jan enjoys carpentry and building various small projects.