Breeding girls

Northbound Come What May

AKA Penny Lane

Our foundation ALD Penny came to us from Johanne Irons of Northbound Labradoodles in Manchester, England, and has lines all the way back to Rutland Manor and Tegan Park, as an ALD should.

She is a healthy, happy, loving and lively girl, with a gorgeous chocolate brown coat that doesn't dilute/fade. She loves her life, her people, and especially her "siblings"; the cat Synne and the labradoodle Fibi.

There is no shortage of intelligence; she learned Norwegian, ("good girl") in a day, and cracks codes/puzzle games in no time. She's kean and eager to learn. Loves hunting small "game" to play with and is an excellent problem solver.

She loves everyone she meets, both two- and four-legged, and loves to lie at my feet when I'm sitting in the chair. Tug-a-war is one of her favorite games, and running after a ball or frisbe. Getting said ball/frisbe back on the other hand is not so easy. Though inside, she's mostly calm and lying down, cuddling or playing with her toys. 

 She loves both people and animals and greets everyone, often a little overjoyed.

She loves to take part in walks, both in the woods and fields, and elsewhere in the surrounding area. If it's a little late in the afternoon/evening and we haven't been on a walk, she lets us know it's high time to get up and out. 

WALA reg. nr. WALA00016256

Color/code: Chocolate; bbEe/atat/KBKy/SS

Nose: Brown

Size: Medium, 16kg., 48 cm shoulder height

Coat type: Fleece, wavy

EIC: free for

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): free for

PRA: free for

Von Willebrands type 1: free for

IC: free for

Patella: normal

HD/Hips: OFA Good

AD/elbows: OFA clear

Yearly eye test: normal

DNA: #176696 w/Genomia

Up and coming girls

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Arctic Kimchi

AKA Fibi

Introducing Fibi, our future hopeful bitch. She came to us from Arctic Labradoodles in Drammen, Norway. Her lines are different from Penny's, but she can also be traced back to Rutland Manor and Tegan Park.

Fibi is a mini labradoodle, caramel with a silky fleece coat. She is a calm and loving little girl, with a therapy-dog temperament. She will be ready for breeding in the fall of 2022, if all testing goes well.

She's a real "nosey" girl, and is constantly tracking something or -one. She loves being out in nature, going for a walk and retrieving a ball/throwing toys. Her best friend is Penny, but the cat Synne is not that far behind, especially when they are out and about to play. She is willing to learn and does her best to obey, but gets distracted easily. She is a loving work in progress.

She loved playing with Penny's puppies, and was so careful with them.

She is a real snuggle bug, and can lie for hours in your lap and get her belly rubbed. Yet at the same time she is very independent and may well be out in the garden alone and enjoying herself for a longer period of time.

tests pending

WALA reg. nr. 00065898

Color/code: black; BbEe/atat/KBkbr/

Nose: black

Size: Medium

Coat type: fleece, wavy

EIC: free for

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): free for

PRA: free for

Von Willebrands type 1: free for

IC: free for (INS/INS)


HD/Hips: prelim. OFA

AD/elbows: prelim. OFA

Yearly eye test:

Ella, daughter of our sweet Penny, is a stunning little girl with a silky, jet black coat. She was the only girl in a litter of six, and the only solid black puppy. 

She had a positive temperaments evaluation, and lives with a guardian family nearby. She is intelligent and eager to learn, Happy to meet and greet both people and other animals.

AGAPI Voices of Liberty Scarlet

AKA Scarlet

WALA reg. nr.

Farge/kode: Rød



Pels type:


Degenerative Myelopathy (DM):


Von Willebrands type 1:



HD/Hips: OFA final,

AD/elbows: OFA final,

Øyelysning/Yearly eye test:



tests pending

WALA reg. nr. 00039434

Color/code: Caramel; bbee/ata/KB/KB/Ss

Nose: Liver

Size: Mini, 10kg., 37 cm shoulder height

Coat type: Silky fleece, wavy

EIC: free for

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): free for

PRA: free for

Von Willebrands type 1: free for

IC: free for (INS/INS)


HD/Hips: prelim. OFA good

AD/elbows: prelim. OFA clear

Yearly eye test: normal